Handy Reference Guide for Seniors

Listed below is a description and contact information for a number of organizations that offer services for Caledon Seniors:


Caledon Community Services

Caledon Meals on Wheels

Caledon Seniors Council (Caledon East)

Caledon Seniors Recreation Centre (Bolton)

Central West Community Care Access Centre

Peel Housing – Renovation Assistance


Caledon Community Services

Phone: 905-584-2300 or 905-951-2300


Door-to-door accessible transportation by car or bus seven days a week. Respite care for ill or disabled people in their own homes. A range of leisure programs through “Seniors Helping Seniors”. 

Transportation                       Holly ext 217, Tracy ext 218 or Gwen ext 264

Respite Care                          Becky ext 663

Supportive Housing               Anne ext 265 or Caroline ext 263

Seniors Helping Seniors        Brigitte ext 235


Caledon Meals on Wheels

Contact: Cathy Dance
Tel: (905) 857-7651 or (905) 584-2992

Website: www.cmow.org

Delivers hot or frozen meals five days a week; provides the SMILE exercise program, especially designed for seniors; trains volunteer coaches to provide one-on-one exercise for housebound seniors; and provides volunteer visitors and Telechat buddies for seniors who are isolated and lonely.   Hosts special event luncheons throughout the year.


Caledon Seniors Council (Caledon East)

Contact: Alex Rodrigues

Tel: 905-584-0591


Hosts a weekly “drop-in” for seniors at St. James Church in Caledon East every Friday (10.00am – 4.00 pm). Publishes a bi-monthly newsletter with matters of interest to seniors.


 Caledon Seniors Recreation Centre (Bolton)

Contact: Beverly Nurden Tel: 905-951-6114 

Email: Caledonseniors@rogers.com

Hosts educational, cultural and recreational activities, lunches on Mondays and Wednesdays, day trips and mini get-aways, and a wide variety of activities from golf to woodcarving to bridge.  Call for their monthly schedule – it’s packed!


Central West Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)

Tel: 1-888-733-1177

Website: www.centralwesthealthline.ca or www.cw.ccac-ont.ca

Connects you with trusted health care services in or close to home, such as nursing, help with bathing and dressing, physiotherapy and more.  Provides referrals to other community services and agencies, such as adult day programs and meal delivery services.  CCAC services are provided free of charge; call them to speak to a professional who can help.


Peel Housing – Renovation Assistance

Contact: Jessica MacIntyre 

Tel: 905-453-1300 x3554

Email: Jessica.macintyre@peelregion.ca

Jessica is the go-to person for up-to-date information on funding currently available to assist with renovations such as support bars, ramps, stair lifts, or walk-in bathtubs.