Are you or a loved one . . .

Having trouble getting around in your home?
Finding housework just too hard to handle?
Feeling stressed about the costs of home upkeep?
Facing health issues that hurt your quality of life?
Not sure about your options?

Dorothy can help . . .

If you are a Senior living in Caledon, Orangeville, or the Hills of Headwaters, make this site your gateway to information on Seniors’ Services, Retirement Living, Long Term Care, and the Professionals who can help you manage the changes life throws your way.

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Dorothy Mazeau with seniors

Dorothy Mazeau is a long time resident of Caledon and is passionate about her community and the people who live there. She knows the area and is proud to have settled many happy families here.


She also understands the changing needs and growing demands of a fast maturing demographic- people who want to enjoy the quality of life they have come to expect and to live in their own homes without being a burden to themselves, their family or friends.


If you are looking for a professional whom you can trust like a friend to help you explore your options, whether to retire in your current home or to look at downsizing to something more manageable, contact Dorothy.